Frequently Asked Questions for CarreraVision Designer.

Issues with Phone View

Currently our Mobile website is on available for preview only. To start a design please use a laptop or desktop computer.

Issues with Control panel being in the way

On the Top right corner of the panel there is an “X” button that can be used to close the control panel. To re-open this you can click any of the buttons on the main side ontol panel to bring it back up.

My item won’t drag and drop

There are 2 solutions to this problem

  1. When dragging and dropping the cabinet, if the box comes up red then there is not enough space for it, please choose a smaller cabinet.
  2. If on the bottom of your screen you have a loading bar coming it, it means that there is a lot of traffic on the server and might take a little longer than usual.

How to save my design

On your left hand control panel there is a save icon. This will save your design until you can come back to it.

How to find a design I saved

Login into your account. on your right control panel click the little folder to bring up all your projects.

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