Door Profiles

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P100-18 , P100-21 Plain Face
P200-18 , P200-21 V Groove
P200T-18 , P200-2 V Groove Tight
P200L-18 , P200L-21 V Groove Horizontal
P201-18 , P201-21 Cove
P202-18 , P202-21 Peak
P203-18 , P203-21 Ripple 12mm
P204-18 , P204-21 Ripple 19mm
P205-18 , P205-21 Ripple D38mm
P506-18, P506-21 6mm Shaker – 3mm Deep
P510-18, P510-21 10mm Shaker – 3mm Deep
P525-18, P525-21 25mm Shaker – 5mm Deep
P560-18, P560-21 60mm Shaker – 5mm Deep
P560-1 18, P560-1 21 60mm Shaker – 10mm Deep
P560-2 18 P560-2 21 60mm Shaker w Step 9mm Deep
P560-3 18, P560-3 21 60mm Shaker w Grooves 5mm Deep
P560-4 18, P560-4 21 60mm Shaker with V-Groove
P600-18, P600-21 Beaded Door
P701T 25 Tall Louvre
P702T 25 Tall Louvre Wider Rails
P703T 25 Tall Louvre, Different Rail Widths
P701/25 Louvre
P702 25 Wider Louvre